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Over 65’s Care

Being all alone is usually a difficult and trying time. At Gevic Care, we value your freedom, potentials and decision to live in and be cared for in your own house. We will work with you to study and adapt our resources to your daily routine, habits, lifestyle and even outdoor activities.

We believe that no one should be alone and will do our best to make you comfortable always.

Condition Led Care

Everyone deserves dignity, privacy and the right to enjoy monents of their life. Conditional led care beneficiaries receive the best care that we can provide. Once we have a knowledge of the customer requirements, we prepare our resources to optimise the value we deliver to our clients.

Talk to us today about your specific needs and we will work at making life more bearable at this time of your life. Everyone deserves dignity and the freedom to enjoy life

Disability and reduced mobility

Reduced mobility and acute disability can be quite disturbing. If not well managed and studied, it can reduce the value and quality of life. Our trained carers are ready always to take you out to see the sites, enjoy a game of bingo, go shopping or enjoy a hot cuppa at your favourite restaurant.

Let’s discuss your mobility needs, so we can put a smile on your face today. We are here to make your life better. After all GeVic is about putting the customer first.



Respite Care

Temporary institutional care of a sick, elderly, or disabled person, providing relief for their usual carer.


Home Care

If you decide to receive home care, GeVic can arrange to make your stay at home comfortable and worthwhile. We will assist with the everyday chores and other activities that will be necessary to enhance your quality of life


Custom Care

At GeVic, the client comes first. We are able to make flexible plans to help your customised needs. Talk to us today